Dear friends, thank-you for visiting our website. It’s hard work beekeeping and so maintaining a stately looking website just isn’t as important as maintaining healthy honeybees. So please keep in mind the website is rather under construction but it probably will be for quite some time. Still some great information here. We will respond to email, etc.  Click here to pre-order a honeybee nuc for Spring 2022










Welcome to Wallace Apiaries website, local beekeepers of Green Country area Oklahoma. Springtime gives honeybees their best season in Oklahoma. It’s actually a short season. About the time people complain about their allergies, it’s fantastic honey making time for the honeybees. Contact us if you’re local to us and would like to have honeybees on your property. We will trade honey for a safe flowering field the honeybees pollinate.  The property needs to be easy to access by truck, have a natural water source, and be clear of pesticide chemical.

A handful of spring 5-frame honeybee nucs will be available for sale.  Pickup only.  [email protected] Order online or email us  with any questions you may have.